Discover how to secure healthy productive relationships with others.

Through our engagements we encourage exploration, experimentation, visiting different possibilities, examining options, strengthening existing working practices, inspiring and engaging through use of new techniques and tools.  We offer you frameworks and roadmaps to plan and organize your thinking.

You will discover how to secure healthy productive relationships with others.

We can support you to

Build TRUST for high engagement

Engage and mobilise others to work with and for you

Discover what’s really going on

Deepen understanding of what is required, have courageous conversations

Generate ideas enable acceptance

Create common understanding and alignment, develop priorities and plans

Deliver to meet deadlines and targets

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?


Coaching will be helpful to you if….

You feel you would benefit from being able to bounce ideas, share aspirations, explore different possibilities, play out different scenarios, with someone you trust and is honest with you.

Coaching will be helpful to you if….

You would welcome time to talk, an opportunity to share what is on your mind.  A coach is someone whose job is to listen, to ask questions that they don’t themselves have answers to. A coach will offer you a safe place to explore your real thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or reprisal.

Coaching will be helpful to you if….

You find it hard to create space to think, to plan, to get more organised.  A coach can help you find the best in yourself, they can help you let go of what may be holding you back and work with you to determine new paths.  They encourage you to find time for yourself to focus on you and what your needs and wants are.

Coaching will be helpful to you if….

You are looking for next steps, wondering what else?  If you need to think through and plan for a tricky conversation, if you are feeling concerned about something, if you are excited about moving forward but are not sure where to begin. It can help teams come together and work co creatively.

Coaching will be helpful to you if….

You are at a crossroads where you see infinite possibilities, but are not sure what to do, what or where to go for the best. It can help you make plans and consider how you will implement them.

Coaching will be helpful to you if….

You want to be in charge of your destiny, if you already have clear thoughts and ideas. A coach can help you see things from other perspectives, may highlight patterns that you might be completely unaware of, which could aid your decision making and strengthen relationships with others.  A coach will always have your best interests at heart.  They help you make sense of what may seem ridiculous, unachievable, inevitable, they will help you feel more confident and certain, in an uncertain and changing world.

What others are saying about coaches working for Open2Change

Thank you very much for the coaching you gave me. I found you very approachable, relaxed and easy to engage with, good at testing my motivation and subtlety good at getting me to focus on the plan and outcome. What was best about it was how good and I always felt afterwards. Lots of great skills. All the very best, and a big thank you!

Just wanted to say a massive thanks for your time today. It has given us a big kick start to look ahead towards our dreams and realize that we have to plan to make it happen! This is something we used to do, but lost sight of in our everyday routines.

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the coaching session yesterday. Time to reflect is a rare commodity so making a space for it was a very positive experience.

I did enjoy Friday – in fact I think it was very good for me as I actually gave myself a timeout weekend from anything relating to redundancy and the possible future outcomes.
Today is a new day and I have a lot to work on and thoughts to think through regarding my future. Your input and spending time with me is very much valued and appreciated – thank you!

Thank so much for helping me unscramble my thoughts, you have helped me feel more confident and positive about myself and able to express my feelings truthfully.
Today is the first time for ages that we feel and want to be a team again. It was very challenging and enlightening at times today and we benefited from clearing the air. The identification of goals helped us all pull together and highlighted where we could continue to strengthen our team work. Thank you for your patience and good humour.

Thank you for yet another superbly crafted session enabling us to reflect on how best we can challenge, in order to enhance, develop and shape our team effectiveness.

Not only have we all got so much from our one to one coaching sessions with you but also the team coaching has been so brilliant as well. It’s been so useful having the approaches and tools you have shared with us. I feel we have become a much stronger and more focused team as a result. Looking forward to developing our own sustainable model with you.

The coaching allowed me access into a ‘trusting, empowering space’ that provided me with the opportunity to explore my inner thoughts and fears, Ultimately it has given me the confidence to lead others more effectively.

I have had the benefit of being mentored and coached by Sue over the past 8 months and would encourage anyone wanting to develop professionally and personally to “have a chat” with Sue. Sue has been instrumental in motivating, inspiring and encouraging me to achieve my goals. Below are only a few of the positives I have gained during my time with Sue. Positives:- • The sessions were a safe place to talk about work challenges • The sessions were a place to reflect • I was personally able to develop my teams ability to reflect based on my learning from the sessions. • The coaching helped me look at my work circumstances more holistically, taking into consideration the bigger picture • The sessions helped my confidence tremendously. • The sessions were well structured yet flexible and tailored to my individual needs • The sessions were very helpful for me to look at my long-term career goals. • The sessions were based on theories that I can utilise in my day to day management of the team. • The sessions helped me look at performance management from a more human angle • I was able to talk about challenging staff and was support with resolutions in the coaching • I was able to ask for support and helped to work out my own solutions • Sue was able to quickly grasp my management style, shortfalls and learning style and used her experience to make the sessions beneficial for me. • The coaching sessions helped me analyse risks in the work place and gave me tips to manage it safety. • Each session was different yet continued from the previous sessions thus they were not disjointed and assisted me from the 1st until the last session. • The theoretical framework, organisational psychological theories, management theories were embedded throughout the sessions which I found very helpful.

I have worked with Sue for many years as an associate, designer and co facilitator of workshops and interventions, including those focusing on developing coaching skills. Sue is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to both listen and hear what others are saying. She is skilful in asking the ‘right question’ to enable colleagues to explore their issues further and develop their own impactful solutions and plans for action. Sue acts with great integrity and is a trusted colleagues. If I were looking for a coach I would look no further than Sue.

Having been coached by Sue over the past couple of years, my confidence has grown and my ability to assert myself while maintaining good relationships with colleagues has improved enormously. We tackle my Imposter Syndrome regularly and through Sue’s gentle positivity and challenge, I am able to quash this fiend!! Sue is a fantastic coach and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Sue is one of the most inspirational and skillful people I know. She has the ability to empower others enabling them to reach their full potential as well as lead others to success. With such positive energy, Sue inspires others to look at things from a different perscpective to gain a wider understanding of situations. Speaking personally I found that Sue challenged me, my thoughts and my ideas, pushed me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to face my fears, due to this I am now more confident in many aspects of my work as well as secure in my ability to lead others.

Thanks to Sue’s coaching I have made huge strides in both my professional and career development. I am certain I would have not met my career objectives so far if not for her support. Sue has assisted me in unpicking and addressing complex scenarios. She is able to very quickly ‘help you in helping yourself’ and equip you with the skills to be effective in your role. Sue is very dependable and has been available to help at short notice in high priority situations. She is without a doubt an expert in her field and I hope to continue to work with her into the future. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Sue is an inspirational coach. She has the brilliant ability to get you to think about things that you didn’t before realise were part of your thoughts! She also is able to use just the right blend of coaching and mentoring to fit the circumstances and has helped me to develop the confidence to be honest with myself about my career. My belief in myself and understanding of how to utilise the positive aspects of my personality has increased. This has meant that I am now doing what I enjoy and, with Sue’s coaching, am beginning to believe that I may be good at it! I can’t recommend Sue enough if you are looking for a leadership coach.

I have previously worked with Sue over overcome difficult phases on my life where I needed to make tough decisions and cope with rapid change. Sue gave me the the tools and confidence to enable me to assess my situation objectively, make rational decisions based on facts and overcome challenges by the development of a growth mindset. She encouraged me to “feel the fear and go for it anyway”, notably giving helping me find the confidence to work for myself for a period of time and I firmly believe that this experience has made me a stronger and more confident person at work and in my personal life. I would not hesitate in recommending Sue to any of my friends in the future.

Sue is a highly inspirational leadership coach who has the ability to drive positive personal transformation. Speaking from my own experience, I recently presented Sue with a complex professional situation I was facing, I realised that I required an external view. Within minutes of describing the situation, Sue was able to help me consider it from a different perspective; she also helped link my thinking back to previous successes I had had in my career and overlaid them onto the current situation. Through conversations, tasks and thinking exercises I was able to identify steps I would take that enabled me perform closer to my potential over following weeks. I soon realised my confidence to handle my situation was growing…..this changed my view and therefore my approach which led to another success in my career. I can easily link this success to the coaching I took from Sue; I won’t hesitate to seek her support in the future.

Sue has been brilliant for The Flying High Trust..she has expertly guided us to understand how our individual skills work collectively to support us to become a really effective operation. We are now 18 schools strong with the ability to improve constantly with coaching at our core.. Sue has been pivotal in this.. I cannot recommend sue highly enough.

Sue is an excellent leader and trainer in change management,very focused, well organised, adaptable and very approachable.Lots of others have also found Sue to be excellent.

Sue is passionate about change and making a difference at all levels through a coaching facilitator model.

Sue provided a tailor made training day exploring ProfessionalDevelopment within our school. Staff commented on how muchthey had both enjoyed and valued the day.

Thanks so much for all the excellent coaching Sue.

My name is Sue Winton, I am a fully qualified, accredited coach.

I love connecting with people and accompanying them on their journey’s at different points in their lives.  These may be connected to work or outside of the workplace.

In the workplace, I generally work with leaders who have challenging projects, teams to drive and changes to implement. Leaders who have competing priorities, problems to solve and who may need to have difficult and challenging conversations with others.  We focus on what is going to make the biggest difference, experiment with alternatives, practice new ways forward and create a more productive and sustainable future.

Outside of work I meet with people who want a safe and private space to think things through, to unload, to explore different possibilities, share future aspirations. 

I love the outdoors, connecting with nature and admiring the beauty all around us.  We are able to use this in our coaching engagements to help free your mind and see things from new perspectives if you want to experience something different.

How It Works

1. Discovery Session

Schedule a free no obligation  ‘fact finding’ any questions?  Coaching chemistry call with Sue Winton. 

Book in a number of 1:1 or other leadership coaching sessions choosing your own timescale/venue/approach.  At this stage you will be asked to enter into a contract re the above which will include payment rates and methods and will include information re cancellation charges, expectations re venue and resourcing for group approaches.


2. Coaching in Practice

Your coaching approach will be bespoke to you. You may choose to include one or more of the following or please bring your own ideas.

1:1   Phone coaching ( to include Zoom/Skype?)  1.5- 2hrs 

1:1  On or ‘off-site’ from between 1hr – 3hrs  (Walking coaching an option )

Leaders working in same team ‘Team Coaching’  3 hour sessions 

Team coaching techniques, tools and skills for Leaders to employ with own teams. 

3 hour sessions

Coaching training – For ‘beginners to coaching’ to aid partner/client relationships

Coaching training for coaches within organisation to further develop their skills and approaches

Coaching for ‘Aspiring Women Leaders’ particularly those who are transitioning back into partime or full time working.

Coaching Supervision for existing internal coaches – 1:1 and group supervision available

3. What to expect in your sessions from your coach

  • Your coach’s primary job is to work alongside and closely with you
  • Your coach will use a variety of approaches, tools and techniques to connect and work with you
  • Your coach will build a highly trusting and supportive relationship with you
  • Your coach will utilise their high level listening, and questioning skills to help you unlock you thoughts
  • Your coach will challenge your unhelpful habits and self limiting beliefs and help you overcome them

Still Have Questions?