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Frequently Asked Questions 

What benefits/value will I gain from working with you?

You will feel able to move forward with more clarity, consistency and confidence.  You will have a greater sense of purpose and knowledge about your next steps.

You will know more about yourself, what you care about, your aspirations and dreams for the future. 

You will be able to think more clearly, put things into perspective and draw on your own resources more easily.

What benefits/value will my organisation gain from working with you?

Your organisation will reap the benefits of having employees that care about what they do because they will have connected to the ‘Why?’ it is important.   They will benefit from your own development and growth and your greater knowledge about yourself.  They will benefit from your clear thinking and responsiveness to finding ways forward.

What makes you different from other coaches?

 All coaches operate differently this is because their clients are all individuals.  My own approach is based on the following core principles of coaching

  • Based most importantly on the coaching relationship – We feel that we can work together and believe that it’s your interests and needs that influence the content and style of the coaching sessions.
  • Providing you with a safe confidential space where we will agree how we will work together.
  • Offering you time and uninterrupted space to do your best thinking, to consider and weigh up options, possibilities, and new opportunities. To share your hopes, aspirations, worries or concerns at work and beyond.
  • Encouraging you to discover, what is working/not working, identifying stumbling blocks and stepping stones, looking at creating options for moving forwards.
  • Exploring your true self, a place for reflection, for sharing, for re fuelling for finding greater confidence.
  • Seeks to help you find a renewed energy, purpose and clarity for what next.
What professional training do you have?

Masters Level PG Cert in Personal & Business Coaching from Barefoot Coaching and Chester University

Certified in Conversational Intelligence – The Study of Neuro Science and Conversation

 Accredited to PCC level with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Accredited coach Supervisor

Accredited facilitator and tutor for Barefoot Coaching – PG Cert programmes

Accredited facilitator the National School NPQ Leadership programmes

BEd Honours degree

How long is the coaching process?

This will be for you to determine and decide for yourself.  

How do I know if leadership coaching is right for me?

You don’t, that is why it’s important to approach it an open mind.  Give it a go and see whether its something you can connect with.  You will soon know whether it’s of benefit to you.


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