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‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ 

Maya Angelou 

About ‘Open2Change’

Open2change was born out of a passion for working with and for others
A love of learning and an interest in bringing out the best in ourselves and others
An understanding that all great relationships are built on deep trust
A recognition that we all have an important contribution to make to the wider system
An acknowledgement that life has its good and bad patches, we all need support at times, they do pass if you are prepared to let go of them.
A yearning to live our lives to the full both at work and beyond, not to ‘wait and see’

We can support you

To feel more in control of multiple priorities

Confident about having difficult conversations

Communicate simply, powerfully and with greater impact

Build and lead effective teams

Succeed in a new role

Accelerate a change initiative

Set strategic direction and make strategy happen

Problem solving, overcoming obstacles, moving forwards, feeling confident, well being.

Observing, looking for patterns, listening, freeing your mind, becoming more curious and open, managing your time well, feeling energized, enjoying work, lasting relationships.

Change is an inevitable constant for us all, we crave certainty often in an uncertain world.  It is helpful for us to develop and embrace agility, manage and overcome the challenges. To recognise opportunities, enjoy the excitement, sustain the new, to enable us to share our own specialness and gifts with others, to trust our instinct for positive growth and making strong connections.

About me 

My name is Sue Winton, I am a fully qualified, accredited coach.

I love connecting with people and accompanying them on their journey’s at different points in their lives.  These may be connected to work or outside of the workplace.

In the workplace, I generally work with leaders who have challenging projects, teams to drive and changes to implement. Leaders who have competing priorities, problems to solve and who may need to have difficult and challenging conversations with others.  We focus on what is going to make the biggest difference, experiment with alternatives, practice new ways forward and create a more productive and sustainable future.

Outside of work I meet with people who want a safe and private space to think things through, to unload, to explore different possibilities, share future aspirations. 

I love the outdoors, connecting with nature and admiring the beauty all around us.  We are able to use this in our coaching engagements to help free your mind and see things from new perspectives if you want to experience something different.

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