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About Open2change

Who are Open 2 Change and why should you work with us? 


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About Me

My name is Sue Winton, I am a fully qualified, accredited coach.

I love connecting with people and accompanying them on their journey’s at different points in their lives.  These may be connected to work or outside of the workplace.

In the workplace, I generally work with leaders who have challenging projects, teams to drive and changes to implement. Leaders who have competing priorities, problems to solve and who may need to have difficult and challenging conversations with others.  We focus on what is going to make the biggest difference, experiment with alternatives, practice new ways forward and create a more productive and sustainable future.

Outside of work I meet with people who want a safe and private space to think things through, to unload, to explore different possibilities, share future aspirations. 

I love the outdoors, connecting with nature and admiring the beauty all around us.  We are able to use this in our coaching engagements to help free your mind and see things from new perspectives if you want to experience something different.

If you’d like to know more please contact me at

How it works

1. Discovery Session

Schedule a free no obligation  ‘fact finding’ any questions?  Coaching chemistry call with Sue Winton. 

Book in a number of 1:1 or other leadership coaching sessions choosing your own timescale/venue/approach.  At this stage you will be asked to enter into a contract re the above which will include payment rates and methods and will include information re cancellation charges, expectations re venue and resourcing for group approaches.

2. Coaching in Practice

Your coaching approach will be bespoke to you. You may choose to include one or more of the following or please bring your own ideas.

1:1   Phone coaching ( to include Zoom/Skype?)  1.5- 2hrs 

1:1  On or ‘off-site’ from between 1hr – 3hrs  (Walking coaching an option )

Leaders working in same team ‘Team Coaching’  3 hour sessions 

Team coaching techniques, tools and skills for Leaders to employ with own teams. 

3 hour sessions

Coaching training – For ‘beginners to coaching’ to aid partner/client relationships

Coaching training for coaches within organisation to further develop their skills and approaches

Coaching for ‘Aspiring Women Leaders’ particularly those who are transitioning back into partime or full time working.

Coaching Supervision for existing internal coaches – 1:1 and group supervision available

3. What to expect in your sessions from your coach
  • Your coach’s primary job is to work alongside and closely with you
  • Your coach will use a variety of approaches, tools and techniques to connect and work with you
  • Your coach will build a highly trusting and supportive relationship with you
  • Your coach will utilise their high level listening, and questioning skills to help you unlock you thoughts
  • Your coach will challenge your unhelpful habits and self limiting beliefs and help you overcome them

Your coach will..

Your coach will..
  • Invite you to share what is on your mind
  • Highlight patterns and reveal helpful and unhelpful behaviours
  • Help you understand, clarify, and develop your thinking
  • Encourage you to be innovative, creative, open to change, brave and bold.
  • Help you identify how you would like to proceed, help you plan and make decisions about next steps.
  • Help you use the time well, focusing on your own needs and development
  • Be mindful of your well being and aware of how you are taking care of yourself.

A coaching approach works

Leadership has its challenges and opportunities. Coaching can provide positive channels to effect change in the way we think and manage our actions and ultimately, our desired outcomes. Through coaching, you can positively change your leadership style and explore your leadership potential.

Effective Leadership is personal and often depends more on the use of ‘soft’ skills. It requires an understanding of:

  • •Who you are
  • What your stand for
  • How you communicate and collaborate

Coaching helps individuals and teams to recognise and use to greatest effect, the skills and knowledge already in their possession. Great coaching leads to an increase in:

  • •Self-awareness •
  • Self-confidence •
  • Self-motivation •
  • Self-belief

• Self-determination

Through coaching each person can learn to recognise and use the skills and knowledge they already possess, finding excellence in themselves and others. Blind spots may be uncovered, patterns highlighted and underlying habits revealed.  All of which may be explored and decisions taken about where and what may follow.

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